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Our award winning Commercial Department lead by 3 time Agent of the Year Award recipient Hugh Leon is highly regarded as one of the top commercial agencies in the industry.  We represent celebrity actors along with an impressive talent base of some of the most experienced working actors in Los Angeles.  The accolades and reputation of excellence is recognized by managers, casting directors, ad agencies and commercial directors nationwide.


With these strong & long standing relationships, CTC Adult Commercials books hundreds of commercials a year with every major brand and company.  From endorsements, spokespeople, recurring characters in major spots and some of the most recognizable faces in the world of commercials, CTC takes pride in all the accomplishments garnered in partnership with our amazing clients!

Coast to Coast


Hugh Leon 


Rachel Flores

Agent, Non Union Division

Anna Dirkx


We only accept submissions from actors based full time in the Los Angeles & surrounding areas.  SAG actors please address submissions to Hugh Leon:; NON SAG actors please address submissions to Rachel Flores:  Please included your photos, resume & reel (if you have one) for consideration.  

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